The 8 Best Thermal Paper Roll Wholesalers in America

The 8 Best Thermal Paper Roll Wholesalers in America

Posted by POS Paper Roll on 15th Apr 2021

When you are looking for thermal paper rolls, you want a reliable supplier to provide you with goods for a competitive price. Many companies deal in POS supplies and provide thermal paper rolls at wholesale prices.

This guide provides you with an overview of the eight best thermal paper roll wholesalers in the United States. The article will list various companies and provide you with an overview of the goods on offer, pricing, and distribution. We’ll start with the best thermal paper roll wholesaler.

1. United Paper

United Paper is a family-owned and operated paper retail and distribution business based in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Thanks to our relentless focus on quality and customer service, we have steadily grown over the last two decades.

We supply thermal paper rolls to major companies such as The Home Depot, Whole Foods Market, and Dunkin Donuts. Most of our customers come through referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations.

We manufacture and stock many types of thermal paper. Our most popular product lines include thermal paper rolls, ATM paper rolls, 1-Ply bond paper rolls, carbonless paper rolls, janitorial supplies, and printer ribbons. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve also started producing PPE gloves.

United Paper can deliver thermal paper rolls at wholesale prices anywhere in the US. We offer free shipping when you purchase $35 or more—essentially, if you’re ordering wholesale, you’ll get free delivery. Our prices are also extremely competitive. To ensure you’re happy with our products, we offer a very generous returns policy.

We’d like to think that if you’re looking for thermal paper roll wholesalers in the US, we’d be your first choice. Head over to our homepage to review our stock and prices.

2. Thermal Solutions International

Thermal Solutions International produces and supplies thermal paper rolls to businesses in over 25 countries. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and have distribution centers across North America. They stock small thermal paper rolls, recycled thermal paper rolls, and jumbo thermal paper rolls. They also stock various types of labels.

You can order easily through their website. The company uses tracking, which allows you to monitor your orders. If you have any inquiries, their trained team of customer care experts is always available to assist you. Find out more about their service here.

3. Receipt Rolls

Receipt Rolls are a thermal paper roll wholesaler. The company sells handheld rolls, colored rolls, and BPA-free paper rolls. They have a generous returns policy as well. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you can return your product within 30 days. You can contact their customer service representatives for instructions on how to return any products.

Receipt Rolls offer free shipping within the United States. However, that offer is limited to the Continental United States. You can learn more about their service by clicking through to the website on this link.

4. Gorilla Supply

Gorilla Supply is a relatively new company. The firm was established in 2009. The company stocks a wide range of goods. In addition to thermal paper, they sell cleaning cards, PPE gloves and facemasks, and home consumable and restaurant goods.

Gorilla Supply sells various types of thermal receipt paper. You can purchase 2 ¼ and 3 ⅛” width rolls. They also provide BPA-free thermal paper rolls. You can visit their website to learn more about the company.

5. Buy Rolls Inc.

Buy Rolls Inc. was founded in 2008. They provide quality thermal paper to thousands of customers around the continental US. You can buy various POS products through their store, including thermal paper rolls, BPA-free thermal paper rolls, and colored paper rolls. All sizes are available. They have in stock custom-printed rolls as well.

For orders over $50, they offer free shipping. Free shipping is, however, not available in Alaska and Hawaii. To ensure delivery is fast and effective, they ship from multiple locations.

You can find out more information about Buy Rolls Inc. on their homepage. It’s a great company, and they deserve to be on this list of the best thermal paper roll wholesalers in the US.

6. Paper Rolls N More

Paper Rolls N More is one of the oldest and largest POS paper suppliers in the United States. Established in 1989, they have over thirty years of experience in the paper industry. They have an established distribution infrastructure, with multiple warehouses across the country.

Delivering quality service has always been the mission of Paper Rolls N More. You can purchase a wide selection of thermal paper rolls through the site, including 2-1/4", 3-1/8", and 4mm thermal paper rolls.

Paper Rolls N More offers free shipping when you make purchases worth $29 or more. Products come with a thirty-day guarantee. Shipping is guaranteed within the USA as they do not ship to international locations. Head over to their website for more information about the business.

7. Nakagawa Manufacturing Inc.

Nakagawa Manufacturing was established in 1951, making it one of the oldest thermal paper roll wholesalers. The company has an international presence, with warehouses in the US, Japan, Germany, China, and Vietnam.

Their facilities are equipped with ultra-modern equipment that produces top-quality thermal paper rolls. The company sells many types of recording paper, including POS receipt paper rolls. Unfortunately, you can’t make purchases through their website.

8. Paper Roll Products

Paper Roll Products was founded in 2002. They are a national distributor of quality thermal paper rolls. They provide thermal paper for POS brands such as Epson, Verifone, and Digital Payment Technologies. Returns are allowed for up to thirty days from the date of the original invoice.

The Paper Roll Products website is modern and easy to navigate. You can view and purchase their various products through the site. Head over to their homepage to learn more about their business.